Lawrence C.S.Tam (T’an Zhicheng)

(Chinese, 1933 – 2013)


Chinese ink on rice paper

Dimensions: 18”x14”

Lawrence Tam, under his auspices as Director, was the original force behind the highly regarded Hong Kong Museum of Art as it exists today. He epitomizes the “literati” painter, scholar-artist and holds a respected place in the ink painting tradition, which is an unbroken art form more than 2,500 years old. Tam, a recognized artist as well as scholar of Chinese art, beyond his own writing has contributed to many of the best books written on the subject, including Twentieth Century Chinese Painting, published by the Oxford University in 1988. His paintings, which treat landscapes as mysterious entities, leads one to explore the mysteries of creation itself. Purchased directly from the artist by Sara Larkin in 1975. Signed and one seal by the artist. In good condition, requires new mounting.  

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